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  • 65Hp Wheel Tractor

65HP Used Mini Tractor

This 65HP used mini tractor has excellent power and stable performance, and is equipped with a variety of different types of agricultural implements such as trailers, rakes and weeding knives, suitable for various farming and transportation tasks. In addition, this used mini tractor adopts mechanical transmission and hydraulic braking system, has four forward gears and one reverse gear, and the working depth can be adjusted. It is suitable for various farming tasks and brings efficient and convenient farming to the majority of farmers. experience.

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Main Dispositions:

Dual-function clutch
Twin turning speeds of P.T.O.
Power steering
Saft start switch
Metal sheet hood
Combined meters
Quality seat system
Seat belt


Folding ROPS
Sun shade
Creeper gear
Hydraulic outlet
Air brake system


Tractor Parameters Model DF-650 DF-654
Drive Type 2WD 4WD
Overall Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 3890×1828×2400 (Height to steering wheel) 3890×1828×2440 (Height to steering wheel)
Wheel Track(mm) Front 1420-1620(1420) 1420
Rear 1450-1650(1450) 1450-1650(1450)
Wheel Base(mm) 2060 2080
Ground Clearancre (mm) Under Front Axle 500 380
Under Rear Axle
Rated Traction Force(N) 11500 15000
Construction Mass(Kg) 2280 2430
Min. Turning Radius(m) 4 4.1
Theoretical Speed(no creeper) Forward(km/h) 1.70,2.80,3.60,5.70,4.45,7.34 9.44,14.9,11.7,14.9,19.3,24.8,39.2 1.70,2.80,3.60,5.70,4.45,7.34 9.44,14.9,11.7,14.9,19.3,24.8,39.2
Reverse(km/h) 4.50,7.50,9.60,15.20 4.50,7.50,9.60,15.20
Theoretical Speed(with creeper) Forward(km/h) 0.30,0.50,0.66,1.05,0.82,1.35 1.73,2.74,2.15,3.54,4.55,7.20 0.30,0.50,0.66,1.05,0.82,1.35 1.73,2.74,2.15,3.54,4.55,7.20
Reverse(km/h) 0.83,1.37,1.76,2.79 0.83,1.37,1.76,2.79
Engine Specifications Model YTR4105T,LR4108T,R4105T YTR4105T,LR4108T,R4105T
Type 4-cylinder,Upright inline cylinderradiator cooling,4-storke cycle,direct-injetion 4-cylinder,Upright inline cylinder radiator cooling,4-storke cycle,direct-injetion
Rated Power(Kw/hp) 48.0/65.0 48.0/65.0
Rated Fuel Consumption(g/kw/h) ≤242 ≤242
Rated Speed(rpm) 2300 2300
Bore×Stroke(mm) 105×125, 108×130, 105×130 105×125
Total Displacement(L) 4.33, 4.76, 4.5 4.33
Drive System Clutch Dry Linkage type dual shift Function clutch Dry Linkage type dual shift Function clutch
Gear Box 4×(3+1),sleeve, gear 4×(3+1)
Main Drive One Pair of Spiral Bevel gears One Pair of Spiral Bevel gears
Differential Bevel Gear Bevel Gear
Differential Lock sliding pin,foot operated sliding pin,foot operated
Final Transmissions planetary reduction gear planetary reduction gear
Travelling Mechanism Tyre front 6.50-20 8.3-24
  rear 14.9-30 14.9-30
Steering Gear   Hydraulic streering Hydraulic streering
Brake   Oil immersed muliplate disc Oil immersed muliplate disc
Working Device Hydraulic System Lifting Capacity at 610 mm Behind Lift Point(Kg) 12100 1200
3-point Suspension Category:II Category:II
P.T.O.Shaft Rotating Speed(rpm) 540/1000 540/1000
Spline size 6-φ35 Rectangular spline 6-φ35 Rectangular spline


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