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  • open display chiller,open display cooler

splicing multi-deck open display chiller

1. Double air curtain technology 2. Remote and split cooling units 3.Autocontrol Accurate defrosting 4.With night curtain 5.Computer control & digital display

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Key Features:          
1.This open chiller can be connected together, the length can be adjusted according to your requirement.
2.Incremental laminar flow optimizing air curtain, high-efficient and power-saving; advanced back blow cooling system, uniform temperature.
3.Accurate defrosting autocontrol, stable performance; adopt natural air defrosting, reduce power consumption.
4.Humanized design, increased presentation. Elegant appearance can decorate the application; meanwhile this is convenient for customer to get goods.
5.Executive component of refrigeration system and electrical controller are famous foreign brand to guarantee products run stably and safely. Enlarge evaporator design, increased efficience of heat exchange to low temperature much faster.  Make the temperature be much lower, power-saving.
6.Night air curtain design which can be used in night and non-business hours can be more power-saving and save cost.
7.Double refrigeration technology solve the technical problem which single refrigeration type can’t to overcome  to make there is no refrigeration dead zone.
8.500mm superwide clapboard supply efficient larger display area ,added inventory. Osram light which is put at the front of each clapboard increased the display effect.
9.Integral foaming and strong steel structure can reach better heat preservation performance. The instruture can be more strong and durable.
10.Color plate inner container with high corrosion resistance increase service life.
11.Total transparent hollow glass side panel be clear at a glance, increased good display effect.
12.Microcomputer digital temperature controller can control the temperature more precisely, the system be more power-saving.
13.Applicative goods: daily goods, dairy, vegetable, fruit, fresh fish, fresh meat.  



Model Rated Votage(V/Hz) Input power(W) Temp.() Refrigerant Dimension(mm)
DFM-2.0MD 220/50 480 2~6 R22/R404a 2020*1094*2020
DFM-2.5MD 220/50 600 26 R22/R404a 2520*1094*2020

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