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How To Repair When The Oil Pressure Of The Engine Is Too Low?

Phenomenon of Malfunction

1、When the clutch petal is loosened at starting, tractor cannot be started or difficult to start;
2、 When tractor is accelerated during moving, engine speeds up but the tractor does not speed up simultaneously and cannot move quickly;
3、Clutch slips obviously when tractor works under heavy load, one can smell the burning of clutch friction disc in severe case;
4、Clutch is overheating and its color is changed;
5、Fuel consumption of engine is increased.

Judgment of Malfunction

1、 The type of oil is used improperly; the oil viscosity is too low; the oil is not changed according to the seasonal provisions. The oil is too dilute or the oil-replacement period is too long.
2、The oil goes bad and is deterirated (mixed with water or fuel).
3、The oil temperature is too high.
4、 The amount of oil does not reach the specified capacity. The oil viscosity is small. The gasoline or cooling water enters the oil sump.
5、 The oil set filter and the oil filter are clogged.The pressure limiting valve adjusting spring tension is too low or the spring is borken; the bypass valve is not sealed, or its spring is broken or the stretch adjustment is too small.
6、The oil pump does a bad job with serious wear, resulting in the deterioration of the oil injection performance of the oil pump.
7、The oil pump pressure limiting valve is not firmly closed or the pressure limiting valve spring is damaged.
8、 The clearance of the engine crankshaft bearings and the connecting rod bearing is too big or the camshaft bearing clearance is too large. The oil line and pipe have serious leaks.
9、The oil pressure gauge is wrong. Such as the oil pressure gauge, sensor, oil pressure switch, oil pressure warning light and oil pressure alarm fail, etc.


1、 With the dipstick, check whether the oil surface height is appropriate. Park the vehicles on the level ground, pull out the dipstick, check the lube oil level. If the oil level is low, add enough lubricant.
2、 Observe the color of the lubricant on the dipstick. If it turns white, it indicates that the lubricant is penetrated with water and goes bad. The decrease of the viscosity causes that the oil pressure is too low and it shall be replaced.
3、Remove the oil pressure sensor and install the oil pressure test gauge. If the oil pressure reaches the specified value but the oil pressure indicated in the oil pressure gauge is too low (or the oil warning light cannot be turned off), it indicates that the oil pressure sensor or the oil pressure gauge fails. Replace a new oil pressure sensor, start the engine for idling. If the oil pressure gauge is normal (or the oil warning light is off), the oil pressure sensor fails. If the failure phenomenon remains the same, it indicates that the oil pressure gauge fails.
4、If the oil pressure indicated in the oil pressure gauge are lower than the specified values when at idle and 2000r/min, install the test gauge on the oil pressure sensor of the main oil passage of the cylinder. Start the engine, test the oil pressure. If the pressure is still lower than the specified value, it indicates that there is the blockage between the filter and the main oil passage or the pressure limiting valve fails. If the pressure does not have much change and is lower, remove the pressure limiting valve for cleaning. Install a gasket at the end of the spring and re-test the pressure. If the oil pressure is significantly increased, it indicates that the pressure limiting valve fails.
5、If it is still low after adding the gasket, remove the oil sump and check whether the set filter is blocked, whether the clearance between the crankshaft bearing and the connecting rod bearing is too large. If yes, restore it.
6、If the above examinations are normal, it indicates that the failure are due to the over wear of the oil pump. 

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