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How To Repair When The Incompletely Separated Clutch?

 Phenomenon of Malfunction

1、When clutch pedal is pressed to the end, it is difficult to put into gear or cannot put into gear for gear-box and at the same time there is impact sound of gears in it.
2、When tractor is started with synchronizer and clutch pedal is pressed to the end, it is still difficult to put into gear. Although it is put into gear barely, the tractor moves forward or its engine stalls when the pedal is not loosened;
3、When the assistant clutch of dual clutch is separated, power take-off shaft still drives machine running.

Judgment of Malfunction

1、The free travel of clutch pedal is too large;
2、The inner ends of release lever are not on the same plane;
3、The limit screws of the clutch pedal travel are not adjusted properly;
4、Driven disc is warped and deformed, rivets are loose or newly replaced friction disc is too thick;
5、Driven disc is fixed reversely;
6、Flywheel or the end surface of pressure plate is bending and deformed;
7、 The spline hole of driven disc or the spline tooth of gear-box’s input shaft is rusting or tightened to make driven disc move difficult;
8、The clearance between main and assistant release levers of TE, TB and TA dual clutch is too large.


1、The free travel of clutch pedal should be checked. It should be adjusted if too large;
2、 If free travel meets the needs, the side cover of clutch housing should be removed and the inner ends of release lever should be checked to find out if they are on the same level. And they should be adjusted if not.
3、 The clearance between limit screws of pedal travel should be checked. And it should be adjusted if it does not meet the needs;
4、The height and flexibility of disc spring should be checked and replaced if not high enough or too soft;
5、 If newly replaced friction disc is too thick, it should be adjusted by adding a shim with proper thickness between clutch cover and flywheel, but various shims should have the same thickness and the inner and external diameters;
6、If it is invalid after the above mentioned checking and adjustment, clutch should be removed and driven disc should be checked to find out if it is fixed reversely, and should be reassembled if reversed;
7、Driven disc should be checked to confirm whether it moves flexibly in the input shaft spline teeth of gear box. If not, the rusting shall be removed and the spline teeth be polished. Driven disc shall be checked to confirm whether the rivet thereof is loose, bend or deformed. In case of any nonconformity with the requirements, it should be replaced;
8、If the adjustment still fails after the above-mentioned examinations, the clutch assembly should be disassembled and the hold-down spring (or butterfly-type spring), clutch pressure plate or engine fly wheel and other related parts should be inspected as well as repaired and replaced if necessary.
9、As for the dual clutch for combined operation, if only the power take-off is not properly detach, the total travel of clutch, as well as the clearance between the main and auxiliary release levers should be firstly checked. And as for the dual clutch for single operation, the free travel of control handle should be firstly checked.

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