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How To Repair When The Slipping Of Clutch?

Phenomenon of Malfunction

1、When the clutch petal is loosened at starting, tractor cannot be started or difficult to start;
2、 When tractor is accelerated during moving, engine speeds up but the tractor does not speed up simultaneously and cannot move quickly;
3、Clutch slips obviously when tractor works under heavy load, one can smell the burning of clutch friction disc in severe case;
4、Clutch is overheating and its color is changed;
5、Fuel consumption of engine is increased.

Judgment of Malfunction

1、 Clutch pedal has no free travel or too little free travel and release lever is adjusted inappropriately, which makes pressure plate in a semi-detached state;
2、Pressure spring or disc spring is too soft or broken;
3、Friction disc is worn too thin with hardening surface and exposed rivet or is stained with greasy dirt;
4、Flywheel or pressure plate is warped and deformed, and screws that connect clutch cover and flywheel are loose;
5、The pressure plate of clutch is worn too thin or deformed;
6、 Operation or usage is improper. Overload operation of tractor makes clutch slipped or over-burning; clutch is used in a semi-detached state frequently for a long time, such as when doing front loading operation, speed is slowed by stepping on the clutch to make it slip during operation.


1、When starting engine, tightening parking brake, using low gear, loosening clutch pedal slowly and stepping down accelerator pedal, if tractor does not move and engine dose not die, that is clutch slipping;
2、When running tractor is accelerated, the engine speed increases but the tractor does not move faster, that is clutch slipping;
3、The free travel of clutch pedal should be checked. It should be adjusted if it does not meet the requirements. Otherwise, the bottom cover of clutch housing should be removed, and the screws that connect clutch cover and flywheel should be checked. They should be tightened if loose. If they are not loose, the pressure plate and cover of clutch should be checked to find out if their color is changed due to high temperature. The clutch is slipped and burned if the color is changed, and should be removed and repaired. If there is grease dirt on the clutch, the clutch should be removed. And the polluted parts should be cleaned with gasoline and dried. The oil source shall be found out and removed at the same time.
4、 If the slipping still occurs after the above-mentioned examinations, the clutch assembly shall be removed and the clutch friction plate be inspected. The friction plate that becomes thinned or with an exposed rivet head shall be replaced.
5、If the friction plate works well, the clutch should be disassembled and the hold-down spring (butterfly-type spring) should be inspected. If it is deformed or with poor elasticity, it should be replaced.
6、The deformation and abrasion of clutch pressure plate or engine fly wheel should be inspected. In case of a serious deformation, they shall be repaired or replaced.

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