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Choosable straw chopping machine to satisfy the requirement of straw recycling.

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1. New type patented re-sheller. 
2. Independent suspension cab. 
3. Water tank of motor adopts dust removing equipment with a flushing cover, which can realize auto-cleaning function.
4. Lengthened axle for a broad view of operation and easy maintenance. 
5. Pre-reserved opening for double function machine, which is suitable for corn harvest after being replaced with corn accessories. 
6. Choosable straw chopping machine to satisfy the requirement of straw recycling.


Engine power (ps) 90、100
Cutting width (mm) 2200、2360、2600
Feeding rate (kg/s) 2
Total loss rate (%) Wheat≤1.2 Rice≤3.0
Broken rate (%) Wheat≤1.0 Rice≤1.5
Impurity rate (%) Wheat≤2.0 Rice≤2.0
Threshing and cleaning structure type Slip Flow + Horizontal Spindle + Centrifugal Fan + Double Layers Vibrating Screener
Gravure plate adjustable structure Mechanical Controlled Adjustable Speed at Definite Ratios
Axis flow roller(outer diameter*length) φ550*1445
Grain tank capacity(m³) 1.8
Grain unloading type Mechanical Grain Discharging Hopper
Running speed range(Km/h) 1.8~20
Operation weight 4620~4680
Overall dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 6700*2700*3280 (Assembled with 2.36m shear platform)

Product specifications

Optional 1. Assembled Twizy motor with four cylinders or Yuchai motor with four cylinders.
2. Choosable straw chopping machine.
3. Choosable adjustable back axle or adjustable back axle + back brake.
4. Lengthened axle.

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